Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stepping Stones in Sweden - June 2007

Last June, Sally Fincher and me ran our final workshop for the Stepping Stones through Uppsala University and CeTUSS. Mats and Arnold set us up in another lovely old castle, Wiks Slot, just outside of Uppsala. Very "castle-y" with an engraved portrait of some of the original owners carved into the wall.

While we worked ever so hard during the day - we of course took time to stroll around the castle. Beautiful pastoral lands and old honey pots that were arranged almost like a bee hive version of Stonehenge (was it the bees or bee "owners" who set this up?).

But what was most odd was that by the barn we found an artist studio...where...there seems to be a fetish for people's heads. It was a bit unsettling, but then it got a bit silly. Who are these heads? Where did they come from? Where are they going?

But of course - I had a field day taking "texture shots" such as:

Once the week was over, Sally and me took advantage of the lovely restaurants - one of our favorites had incredible fresh fish, our other favorite was on the river ("Lingon") where we had the perfect dinner, the perfect truffle desert, but not a perfect cup of espresso.

We later walked around the river and came across the Swedish version of the American version of "get your picture taken on the pony" except in this case it was...

Perhaps the crowning memory (which was all the more richer since the only word I remembered in Swedish was the word for "beet") is the ice cream we came across along the promenade after having tea at our favorite bakery.

Yes...beet and banana ice cream. Yummy. Reason enough to head back to Sweden :)

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