Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is the dog - Lugh. He is big - very big. Apparantly he is a Kuvasz but I'm not sure.

He loves his pillows. He doesn't really chew these up, just carries them around and shakes them side to side.

There are a couple of steps here, but still he is almost as tall as me when he jumps up. Naughty, but he still does.

Sometimes he chews his toys, but most of the time it is cushions and paper and passports!

Unless I give him something special.

I love him and he is still just a puppy. He is starting to grow out of some of the bad behaviour, and now he knows 'sit' and 'down'.


alicepawley said...

Yayayayay, a post! Or did Gemma post this again? ;-)
Good job and welcome to the time-suck of blogs...

Robin said...

yeah...gemma did it...i didn't have time to play with this yet - maybe soon :)


Jo said...
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Jo said...

Hey Robin!
Good work with the blog! Using a ghost writer also doesn't waste so much of your own time ;-))

I definitely want to see more and I'm sure there is more to be said on the topic...