Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Well,Llew outdid himself again - we had a fabulous Thanksgiving feast of turkey, veggie loaf (yeah! a veggie alternative), stuffing, greek green beans, carmelized radishes, potato philo pie, yams with all the works, sugared carrots, brussel sprouts with homemade pancetta, saffron bread, cornbread...oh my gosh, so much good food that I'm having a food baby just thinking of it! It was quite the feast and it was so great to have such a lovely group of people to share it with. Here's the proud papa with his beautiful golden bird.

Once we satiated our ravenous desire for Thanksgiving treats, we sipped liquor and played "fluxx" this game that's just my style: the rules change on every hand so you never know if you will win. You have to like a game that if you get the "cookies and milk" cards you win. Who comes up with these things...