Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Well, it's my favorite holiday - Halloween. First, I took Lugh (the dog not the person) to a local pumpkin patch. He got really excited - had to sniff everything - even had to drag me through the corn maze. I would have had pictures, but my battery ran out. I tried to get Lugh to pick the pumpkins, but he was more interested in peeing on them. Not good. In the end I came home with a bunch of quirky pumpkins and some gourds (by the way, don't try to carve gourds they're super hard).

Then I picked up Llew and Gemma so they could experience their first AMERICAN Halloween. They dug right in.

As you can see, this was serious work - deep concentration.

And "wallah!" our first carved pumpkin - look at the proud parents:

Lugh was of course very proud - although he wanted to eat it.

We ended up with 7 pumpkins (wow) - our own little pumpkin patch where we can await the Great Pumpkin.

We then ran outside and gleefully "lit them up". Wow - it was so cool to see so many different ways of carving a pumpkin. We're just so darn creative!

This was a witch Gemma carved - very clever how she carved the hat into the top part.

Llew used the idea to do this one - and even gave it a scar like in Harry Potter.

This is "burp man" - his mouth reminded us of a cartoon "burp".

This is one that we thought needed a bunch of eyes - it's a bit odd - but it looked very cool lit up.

Last but not least was a teeny tiny pumpkin that almost looked like glowing lava when it was lit. It was so hard to carve that instead of carving eyes we stuck some pieces of pumpkin on skewers and stuck them in the pumpkin.

As an end note - got lots of comments on our pumpkins Halloween night. Lugh handled himself quite well with all the little kiddies (and high schoolers trying to live out one more Halloween's worth of candy). Happy Halloween dreams...