Monday, June 22, 2009

Taking a time out

Well, clearly I need to learn how to take time outs more often.  When you stop and enjoy life these are the things you get to experience:
  • Just how enormous one (yes only one!) squash plant can get with a little sun and rain (err...I hope people like squash I'll have lots)
  • A good song on the radio with the windows down
  • The smell of lightening and the boom of thunder while you sit out on your porch with friends
  • The "after storm" reduction in air pressure - and the gentle breezes that follow
  • Bonzai planting of herbs (not planting a bonzai tree but randomly sowing seeds)
  • Sitting out under the full moon and howling with Lugh 
  • All my prairie flowers up, pointing at the sky, and ready to bloom
  • The big dragonfly that just buzzed by
  • The twinkle of lightening bugs as they play out in the garden - they make me smile