Monday, November 12, 2007

Doggy baths

OK. So it's been a busy week (or so). Somehow that feeling of being on top of things quickly slipped away to "yikes, I'm so behind!" So, rather than do all the things I'm supposed to do, I'm telling funny stories on my blog.

So, for those of you who have met Lugh...he's, shall we say, not fond of water (even little puddles). When bath times comes around it takes about a bag of Scooby snack treats to get him in the bathroom where I promptly shut the door and wrestle him into the tub. Then comes the 20 minutes of the most dejected face you can imagine, with his tail so far between his legs that it's plastered against his stomach. When it's all over he gets his revenge and drenches me with a few vigorous shakes of his body, takes off down the hallway wiping his big wet white butt all over every wall in the house.

Imagine my surprise when in an effort to destress I decided to take a relaxing bath. Warm sudsy water with Lush bath bombs perfuming the air. Quiet. Gentle. Your eyes are closed. Your thinking of warm sunny beaches (even though you have a blueberry mask tightening up the skin on your face). So peaceful...until...Lugh decides that the bathtub is a big water bowl and he loudly slurps and slurps and slurps up the soapy bathwater like it's candy. Uck. You open your eyes in shock only to experience the feeling of a mask being licked off your face. Uck-o.

Long story, short - Lugh is no longer afraid of the bathroom. However, now I am...