Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Lugh Photobook

Ok - this is my homage to Lugh!

Gemma told a story of Lugh that is one of my fav's (it's a story of Lugh helping in the yard, well, "helping" is perhaps too strong of a word). If you want to read it go to: Lugh the gardener

These are some of my favorite shots:

This is where you get a sense of his "odd body" - I think he taught yoga in another life. Yes, the second picture - he's sitting on his head. Ouch.

This is when he's a sweet little angel - sleeping as if he has no care in the world...

And then...the devil in him creeps in...

Bad dog. Bad Bad Bad.

Of course when a lamb bone from the Aussie party (see Gemma and Llew's post) is the prize - we're back on our best behavior. Aussie Party link

If you want to watch a video of Lugh in action - this is one of the low level anxiety attacks he gets...we're not sure what the story is...we sent an email to Cesar Milan and got no reply. Llew (the person not the dog) thinks we should send it in to that Funniest Videos show.

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