Saturday, October 27, 2007

London October 2007

Whew - I took my whole research team (Shanna, Shawn, and Llew) ...

to London for the 7th Design Thinking and Research Symposium. We presented our paper (and did a fabulous job if I might say so) and celebrated with a pint (or two) at some old pubs.

The cool thing about these old pubs (besides being a part of every day life) - is that you can feel the history. In the older pubs they have movable glass screens where you can order your beer but you can close the screen so you can have a separation between you and the bar staff (wouldn't want them hearing anything confidential!). You can see this in the picture below - where Lugh is ordering us some pints -

Many of the pubs put great effort into silly names - this is the only picture we had that we felt comfortable publishing...

Later we went to the conference dinner at the British Museum (probably the most intense historical art museum you can ever imagine - thanks to Britain's skill in colonizing). From mummys to the Rosetta Stone to whole buildings rebuilt inside the museum's walls.

This is the whole group having a lovely dinner - see if you can spot anyone you know :)

A good time was had by all...

Once the conference was over - we took to the streets - and played around in Portobello Market.

Geez - makes me miss the farmer's market in Fremont. Oodles of yummy food - but perhaps our favorite was where we were told we could have "delightful cupcakes" (a bit strange to find one was photographed in Vogue magazine). We of course gobbled them up - and yes, they were delightful.

While we were munching away, Shawn was tooting his own horn looking for goodies to bring home.

You can imagine our surprise when Shawn found a book on Indianapolis in the market!

We also got a crash course in cricket (borrrrring). Llew explained the paddle and the ball - and even though the explanation was fascinating...sorry to say the sport itself still seems awfully boring. A game that lasts 5 days...ugh.

Later that day we all headed off to the Hind's Head for Llew's birthday bash. This is one of Heston Blumenthal's restaurants (The Fat Duck is across the street and wayyy out of our price range). We had a lovely traditional (or as Llew would say "proper" English lunch). Llew was smiling from ear to ear -

The rest of us got a kick out of the signs over the door...and well the size of the doors themselves!

Around the corner was a very cool old church - it seemed like the stones were almost like obsidian. They were glassy...I wonder where they came from. I, of course, took a bunch of shots in hopes of adding it to my texture wall.

While Llew hung out with family, the rest of us went sightseeing. One of the places we went was the track at King's Cross where they film the Harry Potter movies. More specifically, track 9 1/2 . Which doesn't really exist, although they were nice enough to put a bag cart at the place where it would be so you could experience rushing through the wall to get the Hogwart's Express.

Later that evening we ended up at what had to be the strangest place we've ever been. Words can't describe it (wall to wall "Stuff"). And yes, that thing above Shawn - is what you think it is.

When we got home we were surprised to find Llew had...changed... (where'd his beard go?)

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