Monday, July 6, 2009

When illegal is legal

It's the 4th of July and I have just have to say "wow, thanks!" everyone for buying fireworks. Normally I head off to a big fireworks show (love the glitz, even love the smell of the fuses) - but this time I decided to hang out in my own neighborhood. What a gift. I was treated to non-stop fireworks - like the old days in Newport where everyone was lighting up on every corner and the sounds of "pow" permeated the air. For so long I got used to living in a town where fireworks were illegal (even dorky sparklers) that I forgot what it was like to get one of those big boxes at the fireworks place (and a few top of the line goodies) - go home and rip into that package like it was Christmas. You never really knew what each thing did so you just lit it up and stood back. The extra bang here is that these are gooooood fireworks! Almost every one has artillery shells (I think in Newport we were excited to have bottle rockets) and all kinds of flashy stuff. Joy!

And clearly Lugh is my dog - he couldn't get enough of them - he'd hear the "whoosh" of the artillery shells and look up to see the explosion of light. Not super thrilled with piccolo pete's, but I don't blame him, they are annoying...

As for news on the garden - just ate my first zuccini's (the 3 plants I have are taking over and turning the veg garden into a jungle - huge square foot leaves with little ouchy prickly things) - and pulled up a few beets to roast. I planted the last of the seedlings - heirloom watermelons and cukes - and decided to go ahead and plant the pathetic brussel sprouts that I had. The sprouts I planted last year got to a whopping 1cm in size and were a bit bitter.

Overall, summer is turning out quite nice. Lots of charm with the lightening bugs out every night twinkling away. And I am slowly whittling away at projects. Will try to post garden shots...

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